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Traditionally water soluble wax is used for hollow or cavernous casts. Since cast designs are becoming complicated, water soluble wax is not satisfactory. Demands are difficult to meet by using special dipping methods. Sometimes it is not possible to dip. The only feasible approach is to use ceramic cores.

Types of ceramic cores for precision casting:
  • Alumina Type
  • Silicon Carbide Type
  • Zirconia Type
  • Silicon Oxide Type
The cores, except being used in special casts, can fully replace the pieces using water soluble wax. Reasons are
  • The price of a water soluble mold is similar to that of a ceramic core.
  • The size of a core can be inspected and measured before wax injection.
  • After wax injection, integration of the wax model and the ceramic core can be x-rayed.
  • The step of removing water soluble wax is not required.
  • Removal of a ceramic core is easier, compared to other dipping materials.
  • Ceramic cores can be designed to fit different casts.
The following factors are essential for choosing a core and its performance effects
  • perfect smooth surface
  • Strong enough to resist pressure from wax injection
  • No reaction against casting metal
  • Can be melt after casting
  • Precise size and shape
  • No particular methods needed for dipping
  • Good swell-shrink properties
  • Capable of production on demands
Advantages of a ceramic core
  • Reduce product defective rate
  • Easy to store
  • Shorten the dipping time
  • Can be melt after casting
  • Save cost and working hours

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